pete Hurt


1 A New Start 7:04
Solos: Owen Dawson, trombone; Martin Hathaway, alto sax
2 Thinking Of You 4:57
Solo: Josephine Davies, tenor sax

3 Sabotage 9:56
Solos: Kate Williams, piano; Henry Lowther, trumpet
4 Backfoot Samba 6:23
Solos: Kate Williams, piano; Robbie Robson, trumpet; Jon Scott, drums

5 Blues In The Dark 7:22
Solos: Nick Costley-White, guitar; Nick Mills, trombone
6 Fog Juice 7:41
Solos: Robbie Robson, trumpet; Josephine Davies, tenor sax

7 Triangle 6:48
Solos: Kate Williams, piano
8 Forbidden Fruit 7:18
Solos: Nick Costley-White, guitar; Tori Freestone, soprano sax;
Pete Hurt, tenor sax; Mick Hutton, double bass

Tori Freestone Soprano Sax and Flute
Martin Hathaway Alto Sax and Flute
Josephine Davies Tenor Sax and Clarinet
Mick Foster Baritone Sax and Bass Clarinet
Jim Rattigan French Horn
Noel Langley Robbie Robson Henry Lowther Trumpets
Nick Mills Owen Dawson Trombones
Richard Henry Bass Trombone
Dave Powell Tuba
Kate Williams Piano
Nick Costley-White Guitar
Mick Hutton Double Bass
Jon Scott Drums
Pete Hurt Conducting and Tenor Sax solo

Pete Hurt has quietly been part of the contemporary jazz scene for almost four decades and has developed one of the most uniquely distinguishable sounds and styles. Highly regarded by his peers for his playing he is also highly respected for his compositional and arranging skills which are presented on this new Trio Records release - A New Start. The Orchestra is comprised of some of the best players on the jazz scene with impressive contributions from all, and notably from soloists Kate Williams, Josephine Davies, Owen Dawson, Robbie Robson and Henry Lowther. The charts are made up of both old and new compositions, in some cases expanded for a larger ensemble from their original smaller ensemble outings.

A hugely enjoyable and impressive album.